Childminding Ireland

I am a registered member of Childminding Ireland (


About Childminding Ireland

Childminding Ireland is a membership organisation and a Registered Charity. Founded in 1983 by a small group of Childminders, it has grown to become the National Body for Childminders.


Childminding Ireland’s Mission Statement

Childminding Ireland, as the National Association, is committed to promoting the development of quality in family based care for children by providing a range of services for Childminders, promoting Síolta Quality Standards, developing training for the Childminding sector and promoting the development of local Childminding networks.” 


Childminding Ireland’s Main Objectives:

Main Objective No. 1: To promote high standards in family based care for children, where their developmental, emotional, educational and recreational needs will be met along with their physical care.

Main Objective No. 2: To support and inform all Childminders and parents in the matter of family based care for children.

Main Objective No. 3: To maintain a code of standards for family based care for children.

Main Objective No. 4: To encourage the recognition of Childminding as a positive care setting for children.